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Optimizing Partnership Expansion, Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Hasanuddin Conducts Working Visit at Seoul National University

In an effort to expand collaboration, the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) of Hasanuddin University conducted a working visit to the Faculty of Dentistry Seoul National University (SHU), South Korea. The FKG Unhas delegation led by Prof. Dr. drg. Baharuddin Thalib, M.Kes., Sp. Pros (K) was received directly by Prof. Ho Beom Kwon, DDS, Ph.D (Dean Faculty of Dentistry SHU). The activity took place on Friday (11/25) in South Korea.

Present at the activity were the Deputy Dean for Planning, Human Resources and Alumni (Dr.drg. Nurlindah Hamrun, M.Kes), Deputy Dean for Partnership, Research and Innovation (Dr. drg. Eddy Herianto Habar, Sp.Ort(K)), Chairperson of the GPM to the heads of departments.

On this occasion, Prof. Bahar expressed his gratitude for the good reception by SHU South Korea. According to him, the SHU Faculty of Dentistry is one of the best in the field of dentistry, one of which is by obtaining an excellent ranking.

“Establishing a partnership with SHU will further expand the Faculty’s partnership which is expected to provide wider benefits. Therefore, in the future we hope that there will be an effective collaboration between FKG and SHU,” explained Prof. Bahar.

Responding to this, Prof. Ho Beom Kwon expressed his pleasure to welcome the FKG Unhas group. He said, SHU generally welcomed the cooperation plan between FKG Unhas and SHU.

According to him, Unhas is one of the best partners who can establish partnerships. Prof. Ho Beom Kwon said that collaboration can be carried out in various fields, especially student exchanges and joint research.

During the visit, several partnership opportunities were discussed along with tips and tricks in the management of increasing the reputation of universities. The whole series of activities went smoothly with the agreement that had been implemented.

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